About Feetr

Feetr is a revolutionary new stock discovery algorithm which analyzes online activity to find stocks that have the potential to astronomically increase in price that same day.

This is achieved by constantly monitoring various investing communities and assigning a score based on how influential each stock mention is, collecting over 100,000 of these mentions every day.

Using these data points we can identify trends that indicate which stocks are about to receive a high influx of new investors. This increased buying pressure results in investors competing against each other, driving the price higher and higher.

Understanding the Data

Feetr exposes two metrics: IMPRESSIONS and DELTA

IMPRESSIONS are the scores based on how influential online interactions have been. The higher this score, the better the quality of discussion surrounding the stock.

The DELTA is the movement of a stock during premarket trading. This helps us gain an understanding of how a stock will perform during the coming trading hours. A higher value typically indicates more volatility.

The VOLUME WEIGHTED DELTA , or VWD , is an adjusted DELTA which takes into account the current premarket volume and the 65 day average volume. A large discrepancy between the DELTA and the VWD means that there will most likely be higher levels of volatility.

It's recommended that you take some time to follow along for a couple of days without investing in order to get a feel for how these metrics could affect price.

Stock Validation

Feetr finds many stocks every day. Validation is a series of tests designed to find the best performing stock(s) of the day. However, this will not always happen so we encourage subscribers to keep an eye on all of the provided stocks.

Do note that only validated stocks will be sent to Twitter. This is due to current character limits on Twitter.

Transparent by Default

We want you to be able to verify whether Feetr is worth subscribing to and, as a result, all data will be posted on feetr.io after market close.

Data will also posted on @feetr_io every applicable Monday before the market opens to allow people to follow along in real time.