Announcing the Open Beta

After a lot of hard work, Feetr is close to launching so we're releasing the open beta!

This means that Feetr will be posting data to @feetr_io every applicable Monday 30 minutes before the US market opens, giving people the option of following along in real time.

For more information about Feetr, please visit


Which markets does Feetr track?

Feetr only tracks the US market right now. However, we do have plans to expand...

Will Feetr ever stop posting data to Twitter?

No, Feetr is committed to transparency and this means that it'll post data to Twitter every Monday. If there isn't a Tweet on a Monday, it means that Feetr hasn't found a stock that meets its requirements. We recommend checking back next Monday.

How much will Feetr cost?

Feetr will charge a $8.99 monthly subscription at launch. This gives you access to Feetr every weekday that the market is open.

Will Feetr tell you when to buy and sell?

Feetr does not predict prices. You decide when, and if, you buy and sell. We advise everyone to follow along with Feetr without investing for a couple of days in order to get a feel for how the Feetr metrics could affect price.

Is Feetr a scam?

No! We understand how it comes across and that's why we have such a strong focus on transparency. We do not want you to trust us, we want you to verify what we're claiming.

Feetr posts its data for free every Monday, and all data is uploaded after the market closes.

If Feetr works, why is it so cheap?

Feetr does not cost a lot to operate, so we've chosen a price that will help us continue to improve the service while providing unbeatable value to subscribers.

Are the developers of Feetr able to use it?

As of today, no. Feetr has funded its own development for the past year but now that it's public, it's unethical for anyone with access to the Feetr codebase to invest in stocks as we have early access to every stock that gets chosen by Feetr.

If we're selling access to data we cannot use, we are incentivised to provide the best product that we can.